"Andrew French is as generous a teacher as one could hope to find. He is full of enthusiasm, a total nerd about lighting and gear and has the best eclectic library of photography books that you’ve never seen. A weekend with him is an absolute delight!" - Amy Arbus

“Andy is terrific at making people feel comfortable and excited about learning. He’s created a non-threatening atmosphere . . . that doesn’t always happen in learning situations and what he does is a gift! He’s excited about what he does, about getting others interested, equally excited, learning, pushing the envelope and stretching their comfort zone.” - Kent Sargent

"Andrew French's workshops are euphoric! His enthusiasm stretched my abilities beyond what I thought possible. I now see through a different set of eyes." - Randall Rothenberg

“I have taken workshops with Andy four times. His studio has remarkable natural light, his models are professional and his guidance truly informed. His passion for working with natural light is infectious.” - Robert S. Johnson

“Andy’s natural light studio space is amazing. I’ve always been a fan of natural light and his studio space proved why! He hired fantastic models that were not only beautiful but also such a pleasure to get to know and work with. Working with, and learning from, the other talented photographers was just icing on the experience. Last, but certainly not least, Andy’s love and excitement for photography is evident throughout the workshop. He is truly a genuinely talented and kind person and anyone that works with him is blessed.” - Gretchen Versace